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August 11, 2012

Crazy Kids

Tonight I went out with Mr. Man to toast marshmallows and make s'mores. We drove all the way out to a park and then realized that we had no matches to light a fire...
But being super determined we decided to trek back to his place to grab a lighter and continue the adventure in his backyard.

The fire took a while plus tons of arm strength but it was super exciting to finally have it going. BUT seconds after we got our fire it started to rain!!! I know right... But we got out a large umbrella before it died and finally SUCCESS
S'mores were delicious gooey and definitely worth it - probably the closest I will get to camping this summer too

Our w'ittle cute fire and flash so bright can't open my eyes -_-

Tomorrow I'm going to the states with the family for some shopping! So exited since I missed out on the last trip, can't wait to share my buys :D


Anonymous said...

Great to read your post. Why don't you post more often? Enjoy your shopping trip!

Stephanie Lin said...

Hahahah, this sounds like it was so much fun! Good luck with the shopping trip. I look forward to reading about it :)