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July 21, 2010

Craving Ice-Cream

My friend and I have decided to turn over a new leaf to obtain a better lifestyle. So yesterday I promised myself I would go to the gym for a run. However I woke up this morning feeling lazy, which is really how I have been acting this whole summer so I pushed myself and got my running gear on.

This is a picture of me pretending to be excited. You know getting in the right mind set.

Yesterday I did end up going biking though, but silly me I decided to go late at night when it was dark now I have a large mosquito bites on my hand and near my ass. Pervy bugs how do they get there? After-bite has been my friend :)

Another thing when I got to the gym I decided to run in front of the TV playing the food network. Just my luck, it was showing how they made ice cream and all the different kinds of flavours. I could have moved to a different treadmill but I didn't really want to take my eyes away. I might go pick some ice cream up from the market now.


Loren said...

Hehe yes, I did make the cake! Thank you for the lovely comments! Ah, That's great that you're trying to get a new lifestyle! I am too! I've been getting into the habbit of doing a little workout everyday! We can do it hehe Nice muscles :p

Ann said...

Haha, pervy mosquitoes XD! I respect you for wanting to get a better lifestyle. I'm trying too, but it's not easy! D:

Samm said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
Funny pictures!
How's life in Canada?

- Samm

Tali. said...

hey thanks for checking my blog. I see your a newbie!!!! exciting eh! the top photo is hilarious lol, love where your heads at xxx

Sarah said...

you are so cute!! i love these pics- especially the first one! xxx

Carmen said...

your so funny :)
nice blog

check out mine
and become a followr!

vdcouture said...

you are so cute <3


Phuong said...

very cute funny pictures

euzeenee said...

you are a very beautiful lady ;)with a nice sense of humor hahah

I need to work out too! I promised myself that I'd jumprope everyday but that has failed -ㅁ- lol

huh? said...

so..........there's the afterbite your brother or father was looking for :)